Photography and Filmmaking

Welcome to, where we provide you with quality tips on photography and filmmaking! Whether you are a professional photographer or if you have a passion for the camera, you can be sure that we have got something for everyone. Anyone can learn photography and how to make films. There are several universities and institutions available locally, and online that can train you. If you practice and set your mind to it, you can become a professional in no time!We like to treasure every moment. In the past, there was no way to hold on to these memories, as they vanished over time. But now we have photos and videos to preserve them on paper or on our computers. Photography and filmmaking are arts that involve passion. They are not only about taking pictures or recording video. They involve capturing the right moment at the right time and hopefully making it last forever.

History and Basics of Photography and Filmmaking

The art of photography centres around the creation of durable images. The practice is traced back to the early 1800s. Old cameras used direct light to take pictures. The light would create chemical markings on silver plates and be used to make prints. People began making new advancements to the camera as technology advanced. Modern cameras use electromagnetic radiation to create images. You still focus on the right light source and use your personal skill to create the best photo possible.If you put dozens of still photos together, then you are left with a moving image. Soon after, modern filmmaking was born, and theatrical exhibitions began. The stages of filmmaking include story writing, casting, shooting, editing, and pre-production. Each stage is dependent on each other. Learning how to become a filmmaker is a continuous process. You should be confident that you can learn how to make films on your own. You should also prepare yourself for the different challenges that can come up.